YouTube Hosts First Virtual YouTube Black Africa Creators Week


Eric “Knewkeed” Okafor, a tech Youtuber who uses a phone to record his videos


This week, YouTube is holding its very first virtual YouTube Black Africa Creators Week, a week that is dedicated to educating, engaging and inspiring African creators across the continent to grow on the platform.

The 1-week virtual program includes the highlights of expert-led masterclasses covering topics such as engaging a community, assessing channel performance and understanding YouTube’s monetization policies, to name a few.

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YouTube app logo art

Additionally, the program includes a creator spotlight chat with the world-renowned Mark Angel, Africa’s most subscribed endemic creator, peer-driven open conversations intended for encouraging increased knowledge sharing and creator collaboration, and YouTube training courses.

According to Alex Okosi (MD, YouTube EMEA, Emerging Markets) this region-wide virtual initiative demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to creators and artists in the region.

Youtube Black Africa Week - Capital Lifestyle
Rosina Sharon, a Kenyan beauty and make-up YouTube content creator

“Over the years we have built and nurtured strong relationships with Africa’s storytellers, and provided them with a platform to share their stories with the world,” says Okosi. “Top African creators and channels like Mark Angel Comedy, DJ Arch Jnr, Churchill Show and many others have grown from a handful of followers to having millions of fans globally.

Famous Nigerian comedian and creator Mark Angel

“We remain committed to amplifying Black voices and providing a platform where Black African creators can thrive,” Okosi says.


Blessings and greetings to you all, my beloved brothers and sisters! To all of you who live in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving in advance! To the rest of you world-wide, I wish you a very very happy holiday season and I give you my love, all the way from Atlanta, Georgia USA (where I live). As we delve into this week’s headlining story, I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to all of you who take time out of your busy schedules to read my posts! May the Lord continue to bless and increase you in all areas as you are in turn blessed by my work and ministry.

In regards to this week’s topic, despite all the negative things that are currently happening against various minorities and people groups across the world, this particular story is a very uplifting one. As Christians, I believe we should always celebrate each other’s upliftment and achievement of new levels and refuse to take part in any hatred, jealousy and envy towards each other. Whether or not these YouTube creators are Christian, it is wonderful to see African entrepreneurs break stereotypes and rise to new levels in their life and career.

Now, speaking in terms of the Body of Christ, for us to begin to see serious prosperity amongst ourselves like never before, we must at once stop tearing each other down and celebrate each other’s open doors and new opportunities. As the Bible says, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself cannot stand” (Matt 12:25). This scripture confirms the fact that it is difficult for the kingdom of God to advance on earth if the Body of Christ decides to continue be at war with each other.

In the Bible, when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, Jesus told them to “pray like this,” teaching them the famous The Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:9-11). As Children of the Living God, if we really desired for the Kingdom to come, we would be ecstatic every time we heard something good happening in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Jesus literally describes us as being his body, meaning that if one part is blessed, then indeed the entire body is blessed.

Therefore, let us celebrate each other and be overjoyed when another believer’s career advances or their live is taken to an entirely new level in general. The same God that blesses them will surely bless you and me. One man’s success is not another man’s failure. Even if it seems as though others are progressing faster than you, fret not, your time will soon and surely come! The sun has its glory, the moon has it’s glory, and the stars have their own glory, yet they all shine and shimmer at different times. As a beloved preacher of mine that I grew up listening to always says, “You shine your shine, I shine my shine!”

May God open new doors in your life that no man or devil can shut. May he do a new work in your life that will propel you into his perfect will, the luxurious and glorious life that Jesus Christ designed and intended for you before you were even formed. Receive it now!

Bi-Weekly Homework:

Read! Countless sources say that reading is one of the main keys to success. Renew your mind daily with the Word of God, and always be in the middle of reading a good book or two every week to improve your spiritual life, business, education, marital life, etc. Improve your knowledge base, and never stop learning!

The Bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6). Through the writings of his servant, Hosea, Jesus Christ is conveying the message that the key to longevity is through acquiring knowledge! It’s time for you and me to purchase a few more books!

Song of the Week:

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