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Good evening, class. God bless you all. How is everybody doing today? I hope everyone is still keeping the faith, living life in the Spirit and is full of the joy of the Lord! After all, our God is a mighty God, and He is worthy of all the glory, honor and praise, today and forevermore. Now, today we will be discussing a very very important topic: the importance of organization and physical beauty.

When it comes to organization, some are for the notion of creating a daily itinerary, and others prefer to live life carefree and simply “go with the flow.” If you have been keeping up with my posts, you should know that I am a complete advocate for generating an itinerary. Creating one was even a part of one of your homework assignments weeks back. It is important to understand that our God is a God of order. The devil was and is very disorganized, which is one of the reasons why he was kicked out of Heaven in the first place. 1 Cor. 14:40 (KJV) that “all things [in the Body of Christ] must be done decently and in order.” This very much applies to and includes not just the way ministry is run, but the most important ministry of all… how we run our personal everyday lives.

Furthermore, here is a screenshot of the extremely general itinerary that I carry out on a daily basis, from Monday to Saturday. (On Sundays, my day looks a bit different as I have to go to church, wash and deep treat my hair, clean and take my weekly detox bath.)

Daily Itinerary Template

7:00 AM- Wake up, check phone

7:30 AM- Write poetry/draw

8:30 AM- Bathroom

10:00 AM- Bring cups/bowls downstairs, take vitamins, fill up fluids, plan dinner

10:30 AM- Foreign language lesson

11:15 AM- Check business/Check mail/Errands

12:00 PM- Check news apps/Research

1:30 PM- Build blog

2:30 PM- Gym

5:00 PM- Prepare dinner

5:30 PM- Eat dinner while doing theology course

6:30-7:30 PM- Watch news while researching

7:30 PM- Errands

10:00 PM- Shut down tech, shower/bathe, diary, reading

Now when it comes to physical beauty, ultimate physical beauty at maximum potential can be achieved through carrying the radiance of the Holy Spirit that glares from the inside of you outwards. The Bible describes the body as being a living temple of the Holy Spirit, and that you are not your own (1 Cor. 6:19). The Psalms also say that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14), and the book of Genesis says that we are literally made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). (For those of you that may not understand what this means, it literally means that you look like God! How amazing.) Therefore, it is of utmost importance to care for and nourish the very body that God has given you, and be completely comfortable in your own skin. Your body is a blessing, not a curse. Everything that is not in alignment concerning your physical body must come into spiritual and physical alignment in Jesus name. Sometimes, in certain situations, my brothers and sisters, you don’t need prayer. You simply need a few easy DIY beauty/personal hygiene hacks. These hacks are mostly catered towards females, but some will definitely be beneficial for males as well. Therefore, for all the gentlemen reading this, please do not just skim this part! Please be sure to apply some of these hacks to your own self or share them with the people around you. You’ll thank me later!

List of Beauty Hacks:

Aloe Vera Gel– used as a face, body and natural hair moisturizer. Can also be added to your hair after applying your pre-poo and deep conditioner

Aloe Vera Oil– used as a face, body and natural hair moisturizing and shining oil. Can be added to any hair/body products of your choice to boost desired performance

Prophetic Detox Bath– calming, relaxing and extremely de-stressing. To take one of these baths, simply add in a small handful of course-grained salt (biblically speaking, salt is used for preservation… to be discussed in later posts). After adding this salt, pray Psalms 29 over the salt water while stirring it around with your index finger (this is prophetic… prophetic directions will be discussed in future posts. Just believe what I am saying, people of God.) Once you are in the bath, simply pray the prayer “I dispel all negative energy from me in Jesus name” and stay in as long as you want to, relaxing and praying whatever else you desire to ask God for.

Buttermilk Bath Pre-Soak– this is simply a soak to soften your legs before shaving, to decrease strawberry legs. Personally, I must say that it truly does soften my skin.

Cocoa Butter– use to moisturize hair, face and body; reduce scars on face/body; reduce stretch marks

Black Soap– used to wash face and body. Gentle, moisturizing cleanser that helps to reduce acne. I absolutely love this soap. This is my ultimate favorite soap so far.


Weekly Assignment: If you have not already made an itinerary yet, please do. It is of utmost importance. After all, success doesn’t just fall from trees. You have to use the brain, arms and legs that Jesus Christ gave you! Therefore, I believe itineraries are mandatory for each and every one of my students, and I expect each and every one of you to create one. Please do keep in mind that itineraries can be altered as much as possible at anytime, yet it is imperative to still stick to structure and format. As soldiers for Christ, we must always be adaptable. In regards to the beauty hacks, please feel free to use as many of them as you desire, and even create your own list of hacks to incorporate into your routine. Remember, even during Covid-19/Quarantine, it is very very important to stay clean, organized and beautiful at all times, for this attracts the presence of God and of his mighty angels. Shalom, and stay blessed, my brothers and sisters. Continue to stay safe, connected, and keep the fire burning!


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