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When will I get my November absentee, mail ballot: State-by-state ...

The coronavirus pandemic has made voting more complicated and potentially dangerous. This outbreak calls for more widespread mail voting to protect voters.

At a news conference this past Saturday, President Trump said that universal mail-in voting would be “catastrophic” for the United States. “It’s going to make our country the laughingstock of the world,” he told reporters. Trump blocked an emergency infusion of federal funds for the U.S. Postal Service due to the fact that he wanted to restrict voting by mail, he said last week. He argues the claim, without evidence, that elections by mail pose a fraud risk since ballots would take too long to process.

Trump even suggested an election do-over… claiming that mail-in voting will lead to the election being “rigged.” Republicans say voting by mail gives Democrats an advantage, whereas Democrats think that Republicans are simply afraid of the power of the American people. Yet various Americans argue that voting fraud has never been a widespread issue.

Studies have shown that all forms of voting fraud are extremely rare in the United States. A national study in 2016 detected few credible allegations of fraudulent voting. A panel that Mr. Trump charged with investigating election corruption found no real evidence of fraud before he disbanded it in 2018. Based on such evidence and others of the like, it is reasonable to infer that frauds big enough to sway the outcome of an election will likely be detected.. A Washington Post analysis has found at least 77 percent of American voters will be eligible to cast ballots by mail in the fall.

Richard L. Hasen, an elections expert at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law, said such cases were few and far between. “Election fraud in the United States is very rare, but the most common type of such fraud in the United States involves absentee ballots,” Mr. Hasen said. Mr. Trump, while criticizing mail voting, recently acknowledged that in March he voted absentee by mail in his adopted home state of Florida. In the 2018 midterm elections, Mr. Trump voted absentee by mail from New York.

On Tuesday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a Trump ally said he will suspend cost-cutting initiatives, including service reductions, until after the election, appearing to respond to critics who say the Trump administration is blocking, for political reasons, a practice that is common in parts of the world. He says that all mail box collection machines will remain in place until after the election. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives says that damage from all of this is yet to be repaired.

Based on these recent happenings, some people believe that the President is misusing his power, executing legalities at the leisure of his desired expense, without keeping the well-being of the American people in mind. Likewise, due to these recent postal complications, many citizens of this nation have reported slowed mail delivery from all across the country, especially in medication… which is an extremely important product to be relying on for timely delivery.

However, as Children of God, what separates us from the world is the fact that we do not rely on the government as our life-line for every-day survival, as our God owns cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10) and we are in the world but not of it (Jn. 15:19). Although physically we live in our own respected countries, we supremely operate under a government that rests upon the shoulders of Jesus Christ (Is. 9:6). Therefore, no matter what is currently going on in the realm of politics, be not dismayed. We have already overcome and have the victory, for greater is He (Jesus) living inside of us than he (the Devil, our great adversary) who is living in the world (Jn. 4:4).

Stay strong, my brothers and sisters, and keep the fire burning! No matter what, never give up, never lose heart. Jesus neither sleeps nor slumbers (Ps. 124:4), and knows all things. As surely as all the storms of this year have come, they will surely pass. God bless you all, and shalom! Emmanuel, God is with us.

Go ahead and drop a comment down below on your views in the arena of politics, specifically in regards to mail-in ballots. I, as well as the community of holy hustlers on this blog, would love to hear your views and intellectually converse with you.


Weekly Assignment: Pray. That is your only homework for this week, children of God (although prayer should actually be your implied homework constantly, every day). Pray for yourselves, your families, the country that you reside in, as well as the world at large. Now is the time to draw closer to God than ever before, hear His voice, know exactly what he is saying in these times, and what he wants you to do right now. We must be in tune with the Spirit of God to know his mind, in order to advance forth into operating in his mighty plans moving forward. These times are not dreadful or scary. Rather, they are exciting.

Seek to dwell in the secret place of God at all times, praying without ceasing and saturating yourself with the things of the Spirit at all times, and surely- I say this without the shadow of a doubt- you will see the hands of God move so strongly in your life.

Imani Julia Webb

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