Ghana’s Capital BusinessWomen Support Northern Counterparts


Violet Amoabeng from Skin Gourmet buys shea butter from women in the north. Dec 9, 2020 (Stacey Knott/VOA)


Many women have faced multiple challenges in the underdeveloped northern region of Accra Ghana, a region with few economic opportunities and high levels of poverty. In order to combat this and economically thrive, businesswoman in the capital are helping by working with northerners to create unique products to sell in both international and local markets.

Some women-owned businesses in Accra are working with other women and non-profits about 700 kilometers north, sourcing raw materials for their goods, such as shea butter.

Obtained by extraction from the nut of the African shea tree, the butter is a staple in Violet Amoabeng’s line of natural beauty products. 

She says that to help women keep the next generation out of poverty through economic empowerment is one of the primary goals of Skin Gourmet, her business.

Mobarika Awudu, from Northern Pride Smocks, has seen livelihood improvements in the women she buys fabrics from. Dec 6, 2020 (Stacey Knott/VOA)

“We ensure that they are able to use the profits or the money they get from our purchases to improve their livelihoods by doing things like building clinics, taking the children to school or ensuring that they have a job,” she said.  

Mobarika Awudu takes pride in purchasing handmade fabrics from local women to support women in the north and make bags for markets in Accra. She is very much aware of the hardships in the region, as her father came from a northern village.

She says women’s economic independence has become especially important this year as incomes were stretched from COVID-19.   

“Some of them are doing well, they have started with weaving alone, now they have apprentices that they are training as well, especially now that the schools are in lockdown lots of the girls are now learning how to make a livelihood from weaving,” she said. 

Awurama Mankatah from Threaded Tribes says she enjoys working with women weavers. Dec 5, 2020 (Stacey Knott/VOA)

Threaded Tribes puts a modern twist on traditional fashion, in turn encouraging young people to appreciate African fabrics. Awurama Mankatah sources her fabrics from across Africa, including from women weavers in Ghana’s north.

“The fact that they are women makes me happy,” she said. “There are barely any men weavers, to be honest, because they are on the farms, even the women being on the farms, too, but the weaving is the women’s’ business. Being a woman – and a black woman at that – it’s amazing, it’s so amazing to be able to do this with women, to be honest, it’s great.”   

Although the north is known for producing quality materials enjoyed all across the globe, there are limited and few economic opportunities there, forcing young people to move south, many to already crowded cities.

Much more needs to be done to help young women build their futures in the north, including investments and improved education, business and livelihood conditions, entrepreneurship expert Sheena Lovia Boateng says. 

Businesswomen in Accra are working with women in the north of Ghana to make unique products to sell locally and to international markets. Dec 6, 2020 (Stacey Knott/VOA)

“In terms of development, when you look at all the different regions in Ghana some of the most deprived can be found in the north, so it’s only fair that given that they’re giving us so much of value at least we give back a bit to ensure that the community also thrives,” she said.   

More investments and commitment to sustainable business practices would come with improved economic development in the north, leading to better outcomes for all, she said.


Shalom, and a merry merry Christmas in advance to all of you, my beloved siblings in the faith! No matter what each of us are doing this week, one thing is for certain that we can agree on… Jesus is not just the reason for the season, he’s the reason for life at its very core! Nevertheless, as we celebrate Jesus’s birth, let us continue to do the work of the Kingdom and spread the good news of the gospel.

For this week, I was excited and overjoyed as I stumbled upon this incredible news article that highlights, showcases and celebrates women entrepreneurs. I believe that many within this world fail to understand that women, just like men, are created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). This means that not only do women (as well as men) look like the exact replica of the Creator… they are created to function like him as well.

Child of God… I don’t know if you are fully understanding this revelation. Just as the Creator creates, so must both genders in this life! This means that women were not created to simply “exist…” to make babies, cook, clean and die. Absolutely not! God has divinely placed within the inside of a woman the power to create, incubate, multiply, expand, and the like. The mentality that women exist simply as objects without value is a demonic mentality and has nothing to do with God and his design.

I will continue to give voice to and strongly advocate the statement that women belong in industry, politics, and ministry, and they are absolutely instrumental and invaluable to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth. Moreover, on a separate note, please do keep in mind that money in itself is not evil. The Bible says that money answereth all things (Ecc 10:19) and the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10). Therefore entrepreneurship is most definetely a kingdom mandate that belongs to both genders, as money is a very needed medium for spreading the gospel. After all, even Jesus Christ had Judas Isariot as his treasurer (John 12:6)!

Nevertheless, let us continue to support women in order to become powerful end-time financial apostles for the kingdom. In these dire last days and perilous times as the Bible describes (2 Tim 3:1), women need strong support now more than ever. God has serious work to be done through both genders, and it is going to take a lot more than a few more likes on social media to accomplish what God wants to do through his countless daughters across the globe.

Women who are reading this blog, get encouraged, and get excited… because God has great plans for you that are incomparably bigger than you. Men who are reading this blog, the same is true for you. Believe it, receive it, walk in it from today!!

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