Ghanaian Celebrity Couple Business goes from “night out” to “take out”


From 'night out' to 'takeout' - ABTC
Ghanaian celebrity couple Reggie Rockstone and Dr. Zilla Limann’s food delivery business


When Covid-19 struck, Ghanaian celebrity husband and wife team Reggie Rockstone and Dr. Zilla Limann were forced to close their nightclub due to pandemic-related complications and social distancing restrictions.

To recoup, they decided to try their hands at running a food delivery business instead.

“We meditated on it, prayed on it. It just dawned on us, people gotta eat!,” Rockstone told BBC Focus on Africa’s Mark Wilberforce.

How to prepare Waakye, Ghana's popular and patronized breakfast
Waakya, Ghana’s popular specialty dish

They decided to specialize in one of Ghana’s signature dishes, Waakye, composed of rice, sorghum leaves and beans.

“You know when you’re so hot, you’re confused, you don’t know what to do? That was us on the first day. But by the end of the week, it’s like we had been doing it forever,” Limann said.

Additionally, they are in the process of starting an online reality show as well.

Rockstone & Zilla: Medicine meets entertainment - Graphic Online
Celebrity couple Reggie Rockstone and Dr. Zilla Limann


Shalom, people of God! With all that is going on in the world such as Covid-19 and heavy anticipation for the US General Elections results just to name a couple (I live in America, if you don’t already know), I thought I would share an inspiring story this week. Even so, much biblical analysis can be drawn from this encouraging narrative.

Many seem to inaccurately think that the Bible only consists of scripture that deals with spiritually abstract things, however this is quite far from the truth. Within the Word of God are countless principles that the believer can apply to their life in order to yield real and tangible results, especially in regards to the area of finances.

The book of Ecclesiastes reads, “Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth” (Ecc 11:2 KJV). Did you grasp what the Lord is saying through this scripture, Child of God? I want you to read it again and let it soak inside your spirit for a good few seconds. This scripture is essentially saying to have 7, even 8 different streams of income! It tells us this because we do not know what hardships we will face in the future, so if one stream ends up failing, then we have several more to lean on and draw from!

From this it can be deduced that the job system of the world in which we live in is not the perfect will that God has for our lives. God does not want you to break your back working all day, every day with little pay, building someone else’s dream. He desires for you to use the giftings and talents that he has placed on the inside of you to live the abundant life he has designed for you! Therefore, entrepreneurship, side hustles, and the like are completely biblical and definitely centered more towards what God divinely intends for you.

Please keep in mind that money in itself is not a sin. The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10), not money on its own. It goes on to say again in Ecc 10:19 that “money answereth all things.” In these last days, God is in the business of raising up his children to be end-time financial apostles for his kingdom!

Repeat After Me Out Loud:

I am God’s very own end-time financial apostle. Jesus Christ, open divine doors of your perfect will for my life that no man or devil can shut. More streams of income are coming to me in Jesus name! Lord, open my eyes to see all the blessings you are sending my way, and give me the discernment not to fight my next levels but to accept them and run with them immediately! Hallelujah!

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