Unwanted teenage pregnancy is a major problem in Ghana, simultaneously disempowering girls and entrenching them in poverty. Picture: Jennifer Bruce
Unwanted pregnancy is a major problem in Ghana, leading to disempowerment and poverty



Teenage pregnancies are a major problem in countless nations around the world. Yet in the nation of Ghana, it’s a monumental issue, leading to the disempowerment of girls and subjecting many of them poverty.

Ghana: Empowering The Disadvantaged Girl
Disadvantaged young woman in Ghana with her baby

It’s estimated that nearly one in seven woman in Ghana become pregnant before reaching the age of 19. Evidence further indicates that the numbers skyrocketed last year after schools closed from Covid.

Schools had offered a sense of protection and purpose to many girls. As a result of the shutdown, many of them found themselves idle and without adult supervision.

Ghanaian schools that were shut down from the pandemic were re-opened in January

Although teenage sexual activity rose during lockdown, most girls in Ghana do not have access to birth control. Since the nation is strongly religious and conservative, pregnancy termination is illegal, except in cases of incest, rape, fetal impairment or danger to the mother’s mental or physical health.

As of 2017, almost half of Ghana’s population was living below the poverty line, and since last year, Covid plunged the nation into recession.

Indomie, MoMo cause of rising teenage pregnancies – Star Ghana Research
Pregnant teenagers in Ghana

Some parents are unable to care for their children. In a desperate need to survive. Their daughters are forced to follow men who offer them money.

Upon pregnancy, it is rare that young mothers return to school due to fear of stigma and a need to support themselves. They often settle for smaller jobs, unable to obtain a higher-paying career, driving them deeper into the poverty rut.


Blessings and shalom, my brothers and sisters… and welcome back to my blog! God bless you all dearly.

We have quite an interesting topic this week that I believe is not talked about nearly as much as it should be. Almost anyone can see that the general well-being of teenagers is so overlooked within society. But more specifically, teenage women who find themselves pregnant are often looked down upon and rejected. Many find themselves in a rut, unsure of how to move forward in their lives, based on their circumstances.

There are so many situations in this life that seem incredibly unfair, such as growing up in an impoverished area, being sexually assaulted, being raised with one or no parents, and so on. But I want you, my dear, to be aware of one key fact: Our God is a God who has a reputation for changing stories! It doesn’t matter what cards you’ve been dealt with in life… Jesus Christ can take you from a nobody into a somebody in an instant!

From Genesis to Revelation, we see so many instances of God changing stories. Abram, who was a pagan, had his name changed by God to be called Abraham, who became a father of many nations (Gen 17:5). In Exodus, we see God changing the stories of abused Israelite slaves to become war heroes and rulers years afterwards (Exo 6:6-8). Even in the new testament, we witness stories like Saul, who was a mass terrorist against Christians. His name was later changed by God to be called Paul. Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament, and played a huge role in spreading the Gospel across nations.

Yet one of my favorite stories is the story of Mephibosheth, the son of King David’s best friend, Jonathan. He was crippled since childhood, and had grown up in a ghetto town called Lo-Debar. To show loving kindness to his best friend, Jonathan, who died in battle, King David commanded for Mephibosheth to share in his royalty and eat at his table. Mephibosheth went from poverty to wealth in an instant… from Lo-Debar to the palace (2 Sam 9:1-13)!

What is your Lo-Debar that you’ve found yourself in? What is that situation that you have no idea how things will change? Let me tell you something, Child of God. There’s not one situation that’s too impossible for him! Whatever challenge you may be facing, and whatever miracle you are in need of, put your trust in the one who owns “the cattle upon a thousand hills” (Ps: 50:10 KJV). He will never fail you! From today, your story is being changed for the better in Jesus name!


Meditate on this scripture: Philippians 4:6-7. Never give up or settle, knowing that God will hear you and intervene on your behalf. Have faith and believe that God can bring you into the very best of your life!

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