Abdul Majeed Waris heads the ball while playing for Ghana
Black stars forward Abdul Majeed Waris began his career at the Right to Dream academy in Ghana


An investment of $120m has been made by an Egyptian conglomerate to take control of the Right to Dream academy, an academy founded by a former Manchester United scout in Ghana in 1999.

Right To Dream first started by a man named Tom Vernon, once head scout of Manchester United in Africa, who trained a handful of youngsters on bare dust-filled pitches in Accra. Concentrating on both football and education, the academy has produced 20 Ghana internationals since its founding.

Mohamed and Loutfy Mansour
Mohamed Mansour (left), pictured next to son Loutfy, is Africa’s seventh-richest man

A variety of interests have been dealt within the Mansour Group, including energy, automotive, food and finance. In 2018, reported revenues had exceeded $7.5 billion.

In order to oversee its initial foray into the world of sports, the group has created an entity called ManSports. This entity also has its interests in exploring “UK opportunities at club and academy level.”

Mohamed Kudus of Ajax is one of the most high-profile success stories to emerge from Right to Dream and Nordsjaelland
Mohamed Kudus of Ajax is one of the most high-profile success stories to emerge from Right to Dream and Nordsjaelland

In Egypt, Right to Dream will now build an academy for boys and girls, with on-site construction in West Cairo set to start this year, to proceed the projected intake of students next year. A brand new professional women’s football team in Egypt is expected to launch shortly after.

According to Forbes magazine, Mansour Group chairman Mohamed Mansour ranks as the 7th-richest man in all of Africa, and 590th in the world. Based in the English capital London, his son Loutfy will lead ManSports.

Former Manchester United scout Tom Vernon is the English founder of Right to Dream
Former Manchester United scout Tom Vernon is the English founder of Right to Dream

Vernon himself will operate as CEO, remaining as the ‘other significant shareholder in the company, while the Egyptian business giants continuing to assume majority control, with Mohamed Mansour as chairman.

“Our expansion into Egypt and Europe is further evidence that Ghana can export its football values and culture, not just its players,” said Vernon, who originally started teaching pupils around his kitchen table.

Right To Dream bought Danish Superliga side FC Nordsjaelland in 2016
Ghana’s Right To Dream academy bought Danish Superlinga side FC Nordsjaelland in 2016

Vernon has previously mentioned to the public that before the players are admitted to the Ghanaian academy, around 25,000 of them go through a scanning process held annually, after which many have gone on to receive scholarships, especially in the United States.

I think the African youth are really lacking in a lot of high-quality role models,” he said.

Close to 70% of Ghana’s Right To Dream students come from families earning less than two dollars a day.


Shalom, and blessings to all of you reading from around the world. Welcome back to my blog! It’s a new week, and with each week come new current events and impactful stories that can be used to teach us valuable lessons and increase our faith. With that being said, lets delve into this week’s topic.

For this week, we are informed of a mega company investing millions of dollars into a professional soccer academy, to gain control of, multiply and vastly expand its efforts. As I was reading this article, I couldn’t help but think of a well known verse in the Bible where Jesus tells us as his children to occupy the earth until he comes (Luke 19:13). In order for one to be able to “occupy,” one must be able to dominate, grow, and expand. Our God is a God that never settles in stagnancy.

The book of Isaiah describes Jesus and how his kingdom will function, saying “…unto us, a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder… Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end”(Isa 9:6-7). If God himself has the character of ever expanding and never settling, so should we! I don’t know how many of you are all too comfortable at your job, your school, or even within your household, living the bare minimum standard of life without the glorious kingdom mentality that Jesus Christ wants you to possess. God desires for a drastic and progressive increase in your relationship with him, your finances, health, level of impact in ministry, your relationship with loved ones, and every other area of your life.

Is God calling you to sow a seed into or partner with a particular ministry? Perhaps he is calling you to seek his face like never before, and be bold in preaching the gospel to those around you. Maybe God is calling you to pick up a side hustle or two, not only for you to live more comfortably, but also to begin leaving an inheritance for your children and funding the things of the kingdom. Just like this Egyptian company and countless others of the like are continuing to expand, so should we! We are called to be humble and content within ourselves, yet never stagnant and complacent.

Even in difficult times when we feel apathetic, indifferent, or unmoved, God is able to revive us and enlarge our hearts to reflect his own. Ps. 119:32 reads, “I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.” When God expands are hearts through his spirit, we are able to walk in new levels and dimensions in our lives. It’s time to stop settling for regular and ordinary. Now is the time for supernatural expansion!

Bi-weekly Homework: Take time to dwell in God’s word regularly from today, meditating on scripture both morning and night. As God enlarges your heart, watch him enlarge every other area in your life. Make a list of at least 3 main things you want to increase in this year, and from now, begin walking in supernatural expansion!

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