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Youth Minister Heline Babiene Eweni


Every day, promptly at 10 PM, Heline Babiene Ewene kneels or paces within the silence of the room and begins to pray. In her prayers, she implores God to supply her with increased courage, ability, and “grace”, “so that I would keep doing the things I do.”

And what she does is to provide support for vulnerable and needy Cameroonians who have been severely impacted by the ongoing conflict between separatists from Anglophone Cameroon and government troops.

Heline Babiene Eweni2
Eweni hands a bag of food items to a woman in Kumba

Through the Exceptional Youth Initiative, a youth-only group she founded for providing free community-cleaning services, Eweni continues to carry out her humanitarian activities. She recently registered it as a non-profit and is currently supporting people in need.

Just late last year, the group’s effort was further boosted with a $US35,000 grant from the Future African Leaders Foundation (an initiative of Nigeria’s popular Pastor Christ Oyakhilome), where Eweni was nominated as the winner of its Future African Leaders Award, recognizing her great contributions to human happiness. Since the start of the nation’s conflict, through the grant as well as public fundraising, Eweni has provided free natal support to nearly a dozen others in Kumba, her hometown, and has assisted hundreds of displaced pregnant women and girls in accessing free laundry and sanitary products.

The New Humanitarian | Briefing: Cameroon's intensifying conflict and what  it means for civilians
Conflict in Cameroon

The organization’s activities have expanded since the award to incorporate providing livelihood support – small non-refundable business funding – to women, as well as food items to households in Kumba, especially while being in the midst of the coronavirus-sparked lockdown in Cameroon between March and June of this year. To start or support their existing small businesses, at least 10 women in Kumba have been given 50,000 Franc each (about $US92). Packs of food items that include vegetable oil and bags of rice from the organization have been received by approximately 130 displaced women and families.

Heline Babiene Eweni3
Eweni delivers a relief package to an older man’s home

The young teen’s pastor has also delivered back-to-school materials to over 1,500 school kids who need them most.


Blessings, and my warmest greetings to you all, my dear brothers and sisters in the faith. Welcome back to my blog! It is such an honor to have you here, and I am excited for all that God is about to do through this site as we progressively charge forward into the year. I pray that this week’s analysis not only imparts fresh knowledge into you, but that it equally equips you with the ability to make the biggest impact you possibly can on this world for Christ!

Moreover, I must say that it is beyond easy for us to be focused on only the negative things that are happening around us. Just take the news and mass media, for example. These days, we hear so much about disease, natural disasters, crime, violence, misfortunes, and the like, yet it is incredibly rare for an uplifting story to even be talked about or willingly spread on a grand scale. This does not necessarily mean that there are only negative things that are happening in the world… it simply means that the world’s focus is more on calamity than hope, actual progress and achievement, which is the true and righteous outlook of the believer.

Towards the beginning of the book of Luke, the Bible talks of how an angel brought to the shepherds in the field “good news of great joy that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10). This good news was the message that God had arrived on the earth in human flesh, and that the Kingdom of God was and is currently at hand. Children of God, I want you to understand that with God, there is always a plethora of good news, since God is light and within him there is no darkness (1 John 1:5). Since God carries no bad news in him, we should operate from such hope and never concentrate on the doom and gloom that is spread abroad in this fallen world.

The story of this week focuses on a powerful young minister who, even during these troubling times of the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic crisis, was able to help hundreds within her nation that were going through severe challenges. What an incredible feat this young minister has accomplished already in regards to making a mark on this world for Christ and operating in the Great Commission. Let me tell you that it does not matter what may be troubling the world, the Kingdom of God must and will always advance.

In order to see change for the better, we cannot allow the work that we do for God to be paused, hindered, or compromised by what is happening around us. The Bible says that we are the light of the world, a city that cannot be hidden (Matt 5:14). When the world gets darker, we shine even brighter. When things become clouded and confusing, we are to be the trailblazers that point multitudes back to Christ.

Bi-weekly Homework:

  • I challenge you not to be dismayed by the Covid-19 pandemic going on right now. Meditate on Psalms 91 and focus especially on what it says regarding pestilence/infirmity. Pray it and believe it!
  • Think of how you are going to impact the world for Christ right now. Now is the time to shine your light! You can lead a Zoom bible study, write an e-book, start a blog, create a YouTube channel, start writing songs/poetry and sharing on your social media, etc! There are countless ways to spread the gospel, even while social distancing and in quarantine. It’s time to fan into flames that light and fire that God placed inside of you!

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